Ruben Martinez Jr.

Developer, Entrepreuneur, Technologist

About Me

Hi! My name is Ruben. I like to build cool stuff. My projects usually focus around apps for the Web and iOS. I am interested in using technology to improve people's daily lives, as well as in streamlining the way people interact with information.
Currently, I live in the Bay Area, where I work for Well Health Inc, a startup working on a healthcare communications platform. Last summer, I lived in NYC where I was a CS instructor with All Star Code, teaching high school students to code. This past Spring, I attended WWDC as a Student Scholar, and helped write a book on building Swift apps for WatchOS. In 2014, I interned at Digett, a web development company based out of San Antonio, where I built a Ruby on Rails & Ember.JS app for an early-stage startup client. The summer before that, I founded Dining with Strangers an interest-based social discovery app, localized to my alma-mater, Bowdoin College. Scroll down to read about many of my other projects; for more information about me, check out my resume or reach out via the Contact section below.


Tired of 140 characters? Infinitweet automatically converts any-length text into a perfectly-sized image that you can share with Twitter or any other social network! Over 1k downloads on the iOS, Android, and Chrome App Stores.

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Twindr lets you clean up the list of people you follow with ease, using a Tinder-like interface to do so, so you can focus on what matters most. Over 1k downloads on the iOS App Store.



TouchLocker makes use of Apple's Touch ID API to lock photos & text behind the security of your fingerprint. It uses the simplicity of Touch ID to ensure your photos are never more than a tap away. Over 3k downloads on the iOS App Store.

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Bowdoin Dining

The Bowdoin Dining app for iOS lets Bowdoin students view dining hall menus and access their account balances. I also developed an Android counterpart built using Meteor.JS & PhoneGap. Over 2k downloads across Android and iOS App Stores.

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WBOR for iOS/Android/Chrome

The WBOR app suite provide ways for fans of WBOR 91.1FM to tune in to their favorite station while away from a radio. Over 500 downloads on the iOS, Android, and Chrome App Stores

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Think "Craigslist for textbooks". TextbookLoop is an MHacks 2014 project. I focused on front-end design, using frameworks like Bootstrap, Ionicons and jQueryUI.


Dining with Strangers

Dining with Strangers was a responsive web app; the same HTML is loaded on desktop and mobile, with styles adapting to the device. The result was a minimalist UI our users found familiar and easy to browse across devices.


Flat Icon Generator

This Flat Icon Generator converts any image file into a flat-style icon with customizable colors and shadow. It is free to use and open source.

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HomeCheck was freely made for the PeoplePlus program in Maine. Our goal was to provide an intuitive way elderly volunteers input and visualize data. Large iconography and typography were optimized to be clear and readable, and tooltips were used throughout to provide assistance whenever needed.

<Google Code> started as an experiment with WebGL and is evolving into a full-fledged game. It is built on Three.js & Physi.js. I have ported the game to iOS using PhoneGap as well.

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QuickGrid is a Chrome extension  for designers and developers. It overlays a grid on webpages to assist in designing pixel-perfect layouts. Hover and click events continue to work through the overlay, allowing you to see how events affect alignment.

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Intresect was designed as a space for People and Businesses to interact. Users could leave reviews, answers polls, and in other ways interact with businesses. Businesses could access customer info, create targetted ads to connect with existing audience, and form partnerships with other businesses.

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